ARIS Space: Safety-critical flight software development

Flight Software / Rocketry

PICCARD: Building ARIS Space’s first sounding rocket made to fit a hybrid-propellant engine.

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Planetary-scale collision simulated with SPH

Simulations of giant impacts between planets

Astrophysics / Machine Learning

Predicting the outcome of giant impacts with machine learning & uncertainty quantification.

Timpe et al. (2020)
solar spectrum

Physics-Guided Machine Learning Algorithms

Machine Learning / Physics / Science

Ensuring physical constraints and conservation laws in machine learning algorithms.

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euclid flagship simulation

Artificially intelligent N-body simulations

Astrophysics / Orbital Dynamics

Emulating the Universe with polynomial chaos expansion.

PhD Thesis

Dynamics of Extrasolar Planetary Systems

Celestial Mechanics / Planet Formation

Analyzing the apsidal behavior of known planetary systems with Perl.

Timpe et al. (2013)
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Detecting planetary-scale collisions around other stars

Astronomy / Atmospheric Science / Geophysics

Identifying forest fires from space with deep convolutional neural networks.

Bonati et al. (2019)

The Blockchain for Science: Trustworthy research metrics

Blockchain / Science / SEED 2019

CORA: Researchers need an independent metric verification system to encourage trust.

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Planetary habitability around low-mass stars

Astrophysics / Atmospheric Science / Stars

How does the rotation of low-mass stars affect the habitability of nearby planets?

MSc Thesis